We've been supporting Kelly Walsh programs since 1979!
Our mission is to support all academic, athletic and activity programs at Kellly Walsh High School so that every young man and woman will have to opportunity to receive the benefits of quality school programs and have the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential. 
We strive to stimulate interest in the academic, athletic, and activities programs at KWHS among parents, faculty, administration, the public, and news media.
Meet The Board Officers
  1. Secretary
    Ari Staffileno
  2. Stacy Baker
    Stacy Baker
  3. Treasurer
    Jennifer Hunter
  4. Vice President
    Vice President
    Eric Robinson
Board Committees
The Board Committees concentrate on specific areas of the Booster Club and report at monthly Booster Club meetings about what their committee has been doing.
All Sports Banquet
This committee coordinates the All Sports Banquet at the end of the school year including catering, decorations, invitations, and much more!
Chair: Julie Pierantoni

This committee is tasked with increasing Booster Club memberships as well as keeping a current list of members.  They also deliver membership benefits as needed.
Chair: vacant

This committee handles all things concessions at Kelly Walsh High School.  They stock, inventory, and get school groups to help run concession stands at various KW events on campus.
Chair: Traci Maxner
This committee brings School Spirit to Kelly Walsh by providing fun giveaways at sporting events and pep rallies along with making signs to cheer on our state teams and more!
Chair: Stacy Baker
Marketing & Communications
This committee is tasked with keeping all communications flowing well within the Booster Club and to others as well.  They are in charge of the website, The KW Boost monthly newsletter,  email campaigns, social media, printing, and all other forms of marketing and communications the club needs.
Chair: Juliann Harvey
This committee is oversees the fundraising efforts of the booster club throughout the year, especially the Golf Tournament in August.
Chair: Wendy Johnson
Booster Meetings
Monthly Newsletter Archive
Issue 03 - April 2018
Issue 04 - Summer 2018
Issue 05 - September 2018
Issue 06 - October 2018
Issue 07 - Winter 2018-19

The KW Boost newsletter is now set up as a Blog on this website.
The Booster Club meets at 6:00PM on the second Monday of the month in the Kelly Walsh High School Commons.
Submit a Meeting Agenda Item

Typical Meeting Format:
-Approve Previous Minutes
-Treasurer's Report
-Funding Requests
-Guest Presentations
-Committee Reports
-Misc. Anouncements

Upcoming Meetings:

6/10/19 Monthly Meeting in KW Commons
     -5:30-6:00PM Committee Break-Out Time as listed:
                            -Banquet (every month)
     -6:00-7:00PM Full-Club Meeting including funding requests

Committee Meetings
     Banquet - Monthly at 5:30pm before regular
                                               Booster Club meeting
     Concessions - Contact Traci Maxner
     Fundraising - Contact Wendy Johnson
                                Trojan Classic Golf Tourney Meeting
                                6/3/19 at 5:00pm at Gruner Bros. Brewery
     Marketing - Contact Juliann Harvey
     Membership - Contact Juliann Harvey
     Spirit - Contact Stacy Baker
     Student Boosters (coming soon) - Contact Stacy Baker