Supporting Trojan Perfect

Supporting Kelly Walsh student programs through funding assistance and volunteering to ensure every student benefits and has the opportunity for maximum potential.

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Retreat Schedule
5:00-5:15 – Board: Intros, External Presentations (if any), Club SWOT Analysis, Etc.
5:20-5:30 – Treasurer: April Report, Funding Requests, Year-to-year comparison in numbers
5:35-5:45 – Banquet: Current Year planning, 2019-20 Goals, Plan of Action, Budget
5:50-5:55 – Concessions: Current Year Summary, 2019-20 Goals, Plan of Action, Budget
6:00-6:10 – Fundraising: Current Year Summary, Fundraiser Suggestions, 2019-20 Goals, Plan of Action, Budget
6:15-6:35 – Membership: Current Year Summary, 2019-20 Member Levels & Benefits, 2019-20 Goals, Plan of Action, Budget
6:40-6:50 – Marketing: Current Year Summary, Member Flyer Preview, 2019-20 Goals, Plan of Action, Budget
6:55-7:00 – Spirit: Current Year Summary, 2019-20 Goals, Plan of Action, Budget
7:05-7:15 – Student Boosters: Review by-laws info, 2019-20 Goals, Plan of Action, Budget
7:20-8:00 – Final Remarks and Summary: 2019-20 Overall Budget Recap, 2019-20 Club Goals, Follow-Up Scheduling for Committee meetings & additional work sessions needed, Door Prize Drawings, etc.

Door Prizes
Entries: (1x) every part attended, (1) first meeting attended, (1x) purchase 52 Club Raffle Ticket(s) or Membership at Retreat. 
Drawing during final remarks. 

Prizes: donated gift cards. Need not be present for drawing.

Theme: sus·tain·a·bil·i·ty
noun: sustainability | Definition: the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level.
Booster Club uses:
1) How to maintain/grow membership year after year
2) How to maintain/grow active volunteers from membership
3) How to maintain/grow each committee’s objectives given the results of #1 and #2

Fundraiser Night @ Racca's

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ALL student programs

at Kelly Walsh

Monday, April 8, 2019

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Reaching the Max
Our mission is to support all academic, athletic and activity programs at Kelly Walsh High School so that every young man and woman will have to opportunity to receive the benefits of quality school programs and have the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential. 
We strive to stimulate interest in the academic, athletic, and activities programs at KWHS among parents, faculty, administration, the public, and news media.
  1. Awards Banquet
  2. Booster Club
  3. Cross Country
  4. Band & Cheer
  5. SROs
  6. Golf State Champs!
  7. Volleyball
  8. Varsity Football
  9. Girls Swim Meet
  10. Girls Tennis
  11. Girls Swim
  12. Tennis
  13. Band
  14. Wrestling
  15. Band
  16. Girls Basketball loves the band
  17. Girls basketball
  18. Nordic Ski
  1. Family Participation
    Each student should have the opportunity to find their niche at Kelly Walsh. The Booster Club works with to build a sense of pride in the activities their student is involved in as well as getting involved themselves through cheering, volunteering, and overall enthusiasm for Kelly Walsh programs.
  2. Good Sportsmanship
    It is important to model good sportsmanship while on the field and off.
  3. Program Funding
    Kelly Walsh programs receive some (or none) funding from the school and district to help pay for supplies, transportation, and general program costs but it does not nearly cover all their needs. They offset the extra costs through their own program fundraising efforts and generous support from the Booster Club members.
  4. School Spirit
    While school spirit is probably the most fun part of the Booster Club, we value it just as much as raising money. Students need to see support of their participation and we do this through posters, giveaways, and other Kelly Walsh pride for each program we work with.